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(6/29/01 9:55 pm)
 How to Remove Center Fascia Panel
I need to remove and re-install the two-piece center fascia panel prior to installing my eDashKit which I should receive shortly. The only finish "defect" I could find is that the two pieces don't sit flush along the seam; the top is higher on the outsides and lower in the middle. I'm sure that with a little shimming I can get them both flat.

The service manual shows removing the two screws at the ash tray but the lower piece won't budge. Surely I don't have to remove the floor console first. Has anybody replaced their radio that can give me some pointers?

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(6/30/01 1:42 am)

 Re: Removing center fascia panel
Not Sure exactly what you mean! You don't really need to remove the dash fascia panel to install the wood dash. What exactly you are trying to do. Why do you need to remove the fascia panel anyway.
Too remove the lower fascia panel; here is how:
1. remove the ashtray
2. remove the 2 screws as the ashtray holder
(Click on image to open up in full size)

3. push the lower panel (under ashtray) down with strength and then pull the lower panel out with strength also.

remove upper fascia panel:
1. remove lower panel first as list above
2. remove 2 screws under the stereo panel when lower panel is out then you will see that 2 screws
(Click on image to open up in full size)

3. pull the upper panel out with strength as well.

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(6/30/01 8:11 am)
 Re: Removing center fascia panel
you need to pull with some force, but pull straight out towards you. grip the panel from in the ash tray holder.
Remember, its plastic, so use some care, and the tabs are not the thickest I have see, so watch out.

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(6/30/01 11:25 am)
 Re: Removing center fascia panel
Thanks for the replies. "With force" is the key phrase.

This is just preparation for the trim kit. The top corners of the lower fascia went in farther than the top piece while the center portion stuck out a little further than the top piece. All very minor, just wanted a good flat seam before installing the kit.

Been waiting over 2 weeks for my eDashKit, nobody can tell me if its been shipped or not. FWI, Will said they have a new process now (within the last two weeks) that "helped them with some of the pieces and fitting".

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(6/30/01 5:36 pm)
I finally received the full 30 piece set from Edash on June 25th. I have not yet installed the same.

I placed the order on June 2 and they took the money out of my account on June 6th. They told me on June 22 that there had been a mix-up with their shipper and all 22 Hyundai Santa Fe kits that had been shipped the previous week had to be reshipped on June 21. Will at Edash was correct that my kit would arrive by the following Tuesday. It arrived at my office on Monday afternoon.

My problem is that I also ordered and paid an additional $25.00 for the extra piece that goes on top of center dash console and it was not with the kit they sent me. I contacted Will again last night and asked him about having to return the entire set and he told me today that he would let me know. I am afraid to install the kit until I have all 31 pieces because of alignment and matching problems.

This has not been a very pleasing experience... to date.

Also, I ordered the "WeatherFlectors" window vents from MacNeil Automotive last night. Here's hoping they don't take 3 weeks to get me my product and that they don't leave out one of the 4 pieces.

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